October 23, 2017 - October 25, 2017 Grace Hotel Sydney, 77 York street, Sydney, NSW Australia

Gain insights from performance thought leaders & brainstorming on best practices in the performance measurement space.

23rd October 2017 - Day 1

Participants registration and refreshments.

Chairman’s address to the gathering.


Marc Rubenfeld, CIPM, Head of Performance Measurement Engineering, Eagle Investment Systems

  • Industry update – Industry trends and challenges
  • What is next generation investment performance
  • Four dimensions of performance – Risk and Return, Ex-ante and Ex-post
  • How does technology factor into this strategy?
  • Best strategies for rightsizing the performance measurement teams given current business conditions
  • Threats, opportunities and new demands
  • Performance measurement today: data management, workarounds, distribution


  • Carl Bacon, CIPM, Non-Executive Chairman at StatPro, UK
  • How do we define investment risk for a superannuation fund?
  • Is risk different depending on different ti
  • How relevant is the industry Standard Risk Measure?


  • Frontier Advisors Pty Ltd (Speaker TBA) 

Inspired by the movie of the same name, this session will address areas of performance measurement where there’s that’s not too obvious; e.g.,

  • We see the results, but not what’s behind them: and so, what other secrets are there that can benefit us or provide further insights?
  • Do report recipients appreciate what is behind the numbers?
  • Should some figures still be kept hidden? (how much precision is really necessary?)
  • How might your fixed income attribution be hiding important figures?
  • What’s your attribution missing by ignoring risk?


  • Dave Spaulding, DPS, CIPM, MD, The Spaulding Group (USA)

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

Are the measures we use always useful, sometimes useless or often just plain misleading?

  • Common risk measures and why they may not be appropriate in all circumstances
  • The distinction between volatility and risk
  • Defining a new risk measure for superannuation funds
  • Worked examples and application of a new risk measure


  • Kyle Ringrose, Principal Athena IOC Pty Ltd, Former Head of Investment Operations, Qsuper
  • Are risk measures for long only funds appropriate for hedge funds?
  • What are the best risk measures for hedge funds?
  • How to calculate risk adjusted returns


  • Jonathan Ramsay, Director, InvestSense
  • The panellists critically analyse and debate the preceding presentations
  • Investment risk measures
  • Hedge Fund performance and risk measurement
  • How relevant is the industry Standard Risk Measure?
  • What are the best risk measures for hedge funds?

Panel Members:

  • Kyle Ringrose, Principal Athena IOC Pty Ltd, Former Head of Investment Operations, QSuper
  • Dr Alistair G. Rew, Head of Alpha Strategies, AMP Capital Other panel members TBA

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

How successful has the technology platforms been so far at meeting the needs of end-users?

  • Where and why are the vendors winning and losing the game with competitors
  • How performance analytics software has evolved and continues to evolve
  • The future for performance analytics technology
  • What new challenges have emerged?
  • Do we need standards or guidelines to provide more uniformity in attribution methodologies?

Panel Members:

  • Panel members TBA

Effective data management for performance analysis & making the most of your data in the face of increasing cost.

  • Why is high-data quality so integral to performance and risk teams? What negative outcomes could result from poor data?
  • What efforts are being made to consolidate market data cost as prices from vendors continue to rise?
  • Working with your internal data and technology teams to extract the greatest value from your data
  • How could a well-designed data warehouse support the performance & risk teams?
  • Why is fixed income attribution still (seen as) difficult?
  • 2017: Recent upheavals in the market and what they will mean for you
  • How vendor offerings are changing
  • What should you expect from attribution analysis?
  • Top-down, bottom-up, hybrid and duration allocation models: how do they fit together?
  • Best practice in attribution analysis
  • How to solve your data and implementation issues?


  • Andrew Colin, Director, Flametree Technologies

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • What is a model portfolio?
  • What prompted the call for standards?
  • Suggested best practices


  • Ambika D’Souza, CIPM, PMP, Vice President, Global Head of GIPS®, State Street Global Advisors

Attendees will be brought together to discuss news, views and recent trends. After the brainstorming groups, attendees will feedback the thoughts of their group to the rest of the conference participants.

  • Topic 1: What are the main challenges facing performance teams and how are these affecting the ability of teams to enhance the services they deliver?
  • Topic 2: Best Methods for Cost-Saving across Performance, Risk & Attribution
  • Topic 3: Vendor Management for Attribution: What to base your decisions on
  • Topic 4: Unification of performance & risk: How can you navigate the increasingly uncertain positions between risk management and performance measurement?
  • Topic 5: A Robo-Revolution: How Are Robo-Advisors Altering the Investment Landscape


  • Marc Rubenfeld, CIPM, Head of Performance Measurement Engineering, Eagle Investment Systems
  • Closing remarks from the Chair and vote of thanks by the Chairman
  • Drinks and networking reception

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