October 23, 2017 - October 25, 2017 Grace Hotel Sydney, 77 York street, Sydney, NSW Australia

Gain insights from performance thought leaders & brainstorming on best practices in the performance measurement space.

24th October 2017 - Day 2

Participants registration and refreshments.

Chairman’s address to the gathering.


Marc Rubenfeld, CIPM, Head of Performance Measurement Engineering, Eagle Investment Systems

  • The problem with a one dimensional analysis
  • The critical importance of synthetic income
  • The simple five step approach to a universal solution


  • Carl Bacon, CIPM, Non-Executive Chairman at StatPro, UK

This issue has long been vigorously debated at overseas conferences between Carl Bacon and David Spaulding. In this session the gloves are off for an Australian audience.


  • Kyle Ringrose, Principal Athena IOC Pty Ltd, Former Head of Investment Operations, Qsuper


  • David D. Spaulding, DPS, CIPM, MD, The Spaulding Group (USA)
  • Carl Bacon, CIPM, Non-Executive Chairman at StatPro, UK

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Why ex-ante risk measures can often be ex-post risk measures with a different badge
  • The benefits and shortcomings of VaR
  • How VaR is complimentary to other risk measures


  • Rhys Octigan, Regional Head of Business Development, SS&C Technologies (Invited)
  • Are there genuine opportunities for funds with segregated assets?
  • Examples of these opportunities
  • What are the issues with the segregation process?
  • Can the benefits always outweigh the costs?


  • Raewyn Williams, Managing Director – Research, Parametric

The problems and potential solutions with after tax performance reporting

  • Is the industry making any real progress?
  • If not why not?
  • Are superannuation fund members being disadvantaged?
  • Who is responsible for progressing these issues? The investment managers, asset consultants, the asset owners or the members?


  • Raewyn Williams, Managing Director – Research, Parametric
  • Other panel members TBA

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • MDUF v1 represents an appropriate and sensible set of objectives for trustees to assume on behalf of their default fund members. It is a highly credible and freely accessible tool that can be used to assess and design retirement outcome solutions.
  • The Treasury’s CIPR discussion paper signals a shot across the bow of the superannuation industry to focus more on three dimensions (income, flexibility and risk management) of retirement outcome. MDUF v1 balances the three dimensions well through the parametrisation and can be used as a tool to access CIPR design.
  • We identify some important ideological and framing issues which concern us as to the overall net benefit of Treasury’s Proposal of the MyRetirement framework.
  • We provide case studies investigating whether the MyRetirement framework can improve retirees’ retirement outcomes through the lens of MDUF v1.


  • Adam W. Shao, Senior Quantitative Analyst
  • Estelle Liu, AIAA Quantitative Analyst, Mine Wealth + Wellbeing
  • Is the industry too focussed on short term results?
  • What is a meaningful time frame?
  • Are traditional benchmarks appropriate? If not what benchmarks should we adopt?

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Is measuring income a better measure than market values for pension phase?
  • What is the benchmark?
  • What are the risks in building an income focussed portfolio?
  • What asset classes are best suited to an income focussed portfolio?


  • Why is the Australian industry reluctant to embrace GIPS
  • Why has it been so well received in overseas countries?
  • Who has got it right and why?
  • Is GIPS relevant in all geographies?
  • Should Australian organisations implement GIPS?
  • What needs to happen for Australian organisations to embrace GIPS?


Panel Members:

  • David D. Spaulding, Dps, Cipm, Md, The Spaulding Group (USA)
  • Ambika D’souza, CIPM, PMP, Vice President, Global Head of GIPS®, State Street Global Advisors
  • Closing remarks from the Chair and vote of thanks by the Chairman

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